The ancient art and practice of discovery.

Through experience - through practice - we learn to transform the beliefs that limit our sense of what’s real and what’s possible.



Daoist Alchemy is an Art of Knowledge and Embodied, Practical Belief

We all carry with us beliefs. In the Western world, we tend to believe we are isolated from the natural world around us. Even if we intellectually understand ourselves to be “interconnected” - its not so easy to pin down what that experience actually is. What it feels like. Why it matters.

Alchemy answers these questions through a practice of direct experience.


 The Daoist Mysticism Program

the rain in spain falls mostly on the plain.

Daoist Mysticism Program

Its really darn great.

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Introduction to Training Daoist Magic

Male and Female Wuyi Doctors

Introduction to Qi

Introduction to the Five Realms of Energy (Jing, Qi, Shen, Wuji, Dao)

Energetic Anatomy and Physiology

The Story of Fire by Ahmed el-Bedavi

Sleeping Dragon Meditation

One through Ten Meditation

Introduction to Soul Retrieval

Three Bodies, Three Breaths and Three Minds

Four ways to Avoid Losing Magical Power

The Three Levels of the Breath

The Still Point of the Breath

Energetic Breath Meditation
(Old Man in the Tide Pool, Beating the Bag, Dry Crying)

Psychic Vampires

Introduction to Five Element Organ Emotions
(Loss of the True Self , The Ego vs. Super ego)

Shengong- Strengthening your Wei Qi Field Meditation

Forming your Most Secret Name

Feeding your Most Secret Name

Six Laws of Magic

Eight Direction Perception Meditation
(Tangible-Intangible, Body-Mind-Energy)

The Hun and the Po

The Yin and Yang of the Hun and the Po

Finding Chambers of the Past, Present and Future

Pulling out the Pain Meditation

Who are you Meditation

Spiritual Trauma Protocol

Biological Moment Meditation

Soul Crafting (Truth diagram)

The Thrusting Channels

Three Stages of Emotional Transitions before the Spirit Closes

Wind's Effect on Matter (Sound Projection)

General Sounds

Gathering the Five Vapors Meditation

Five Element Healing

Words and Magic

The Power of Words

Breath Incantation Technique

Creating an Energy Ball

Single Sound Breath Incantation Exercise

Trance Induction

Transformation Packet



”The Earth Beneath our Feet is a Source of Great Energy”

That’s just an idea (and a kind of weird, flimsy one at that) until you feel Earth Energy shooting up through the soles of your feet and settling into a clearly felt reservoir in your belly.

“God is a fairy tale for children and inbred hillbillies”

Also an idea. A popular one in some circles! But then…there are so many emotions and traumas that are hugely difficult to bear alone. And when you feel - truly feel - something mysterious that’s greater than yourself that resourcing you to face traumatic memories and sensations…such experiences begin to re-forge the idea of what “God” might be.

The Divine may begin to seem less like an angry Sky-Dad cooked up to keep church-goers filling collection pots… and more a Mysterious Something to lean into when the will and power of your individual ego just ain’t enough.


Gimme, gimme, gimme the honky tonk blues

I called this site “Nectar and Ash” in part because I believe the nectar of happiness comes with a certain amount of sacrifice.

Cultural movements like the idea of “manifesting” made popular by The Secret…its quite a dream to wake up buried in jewelry simply because one willed it to happen. To anyone whose making that work - great.

What interests me though - what I want to explore with people - is the possibility of freedom that may come when we face and acknowledge the apparently broken parts of ourselves. And then act from that in. What use is “power” if some younger part of ourselves is fixated on how weak we truly feel? “Manifesting” diamond slippers doesn’t mean much when we feel empty inside. What is it to worth with how things are - including the rot - and also nourish the possibility of an ever growing good?




Honky Tonk Woman

I met a gin soaked, bar-room queen in Memphis. She tried to take me upstairs for a ride. She had to heave me right across her shoulder. 'Cause I just can't seem to drink you off my mind.